Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Birthday At KL 24/25/26 July 2009

Last Friday went to KL, to celebrate my birthday, actually not really, just thinking wanna meet my coursemates and lovely friend. The time passing was so fast, a second of glance turn me back to my office, it was so sad to me. However, I had a short memory of it.Just briefly......

Arrive at KL around 12.00PM , take Star Line to Cheras then had lunch with coursemates. After that, go UPM make a visit to observe any changes since the last time I graduate till now never been there. Miss those days.

On saturday, we go New Way at leisure mall for sing K. I already forget what I singing, it was so confusing.(Sigh) Don't know when will we meet up again. Hopefully
soon. 1st time going New Way, it was suprisingly to see so big tv box in front me.
The scene vanish left only memory, keeping in mind till the end of time.

Here, just wake up eat breakfast and go back rest then go pudu. The bus ticket 2.30PM wait till 3.30PM only came.Wait till crazy.

Here, I would like to thanks all the people accompany me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

我不變 - 黃明志 (兵臨城下網頁遊戲主題曲) - www.ewar.my

黄明志《我要回家》推介礼及 RM12,000 现金颁奖典礼


一直以来大家都有疑问到底《兵临城下》的现金奖真的是给现金吗?不用再犹豫这一点,我们诚意邀请您出席《兵临城下》RM12,000 现金颁奖典礼及黄明志《我要回家》推介礼。

黄明志不但会在现场为大家演唱《我要回家》主题曲,还会为大家演唱《兵临城下》主题曲 - 我不变。

凡是在 2009年6月6日 8:00pm 到 9:00pm 到现场购买黄明志《我要回家》DVD的玩家将可以得到黄明志的亲笔签名。

地点:槟城 Prangin Mall

Friday, June 5, 2009

America Season 8 Finale - Judges Introduction

For me.... For You - Randy Jackson

Sweetening Word - Kara

Big Word - Paula Abdul

Pardon - Simon Cowell

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finding Myself

2 days ago, I have a friend telling me a lot of thing, although I did not get much of it's meaning it, It's related to buddha.

As in discuss, we have a common is to finding what we are, which one is the real me, as we change every seconds. For instance, when you thinking something bad, is it you got the image or feeling of your good side looking at what you thinking in your bad side, so as continue with another same thing happen behind the good side. In this condition, which one is the real of you.We have to deeply think of it.

I don't know how to express, he told me alot of thing, only those who interest in buddha might know all this thing. 3 thing needed to finding the truth of myself.I not sure how to interpret...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Everyday wake up, sit infront tv box, watching my right side corner time flowing bit by bit. After feeding my chubby and cutie, I will continue bathing, search web, listen music a while. Thinking what's gonna do today, cause always forget thing, however, hoping I forget all things.

Feeling perplex without knowing the reason is severe, and could causing me blank and numb as I was getting 'stroke'.The blood inside body like spreading everywhere trying to escape. Was it mirage or truth that was unfriendly to me...

Ceasing thinking... look to present, continue daily task, beckon to the sun and inhale the fresh air of nature.Felt a second of utopia to bring myself some relieve...

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Hamster,My Concern

Male - Chubby
Female - Cutie

Although just bought them, but I everyday worried them as treat them as my childs, after read some articles, knewing that their life span so short, abit afraid "white hair send black hair to graveyard" - Cantonese. I hope they give birth, want to know how they grown, got some small creatures suck their blood, I have no idea what was it, hope that I can find out.

Everyday talk to them, they no response, just like I'm talking to wall. Yesterday, I use my body shampoo to clean the Chubby, whoo.. I don't know how to say then faster clean it then put it back.I should use hair shampoo as my brother told me.

Cutie always rush so fast, hard to grib. I need fast snap, because cutie avoidability and sensitivity too high.

Yesterday they went to upstair of their house, go play , mostly in the plastic ball in cricle shape. I accidentally close it, then I wonder why they never come out, I didn't notice I already close the entrance... =.=

Everytime I caught them, I look into their eyes just like got tears, seems like begging me to release them.

Anyone can teach me how to take care it, tame it...(any comment would be accepted)

Roborovski hamster

Last Saturday, I just bought 2 with different sex. The male one is very fat, the female one a little bit small. I bought a pink house for them, and they just eat, sleep and play, some more mess around and scatter the shit all around.I did not take thier picture because when I enclose them with hand, they attempt to flee, and shrink their head into my palm. First day I bought them, the male one I try to tame it, however, he was too scared and shit,zzz.

A little bit of Description:

About Roborovskis
A)Roborovskis (Phodopus roborovskii) are the smallest of all hamsters
B)Roborovskis are the white spots where the eyebrows would be, and the lack of the dorsal stripe seen in all other dwarf hamsters
B)three and a half years of age - the longest of any domestic hamster

Habitat and Diet
A)Roborovskii hamsters live in the wild around the Gobi Desert, throughout Mongolia's desert steppe and parts of northern China
B)highly efficient in their use of water (as evidenced by how they may pass particularly concentrated urine)
C)steep tunnels and they live between 60 and 200 cm below ground.
D)They will eat vegtables, fruit, and plants, but they will eat meat and insects. Therefore, they are omnivores

Pet Ownership
A)Roborovski hamsters are very curious, easily startled, and generally timid, as well as very active
B)They also don't speak or squeak as much as most hamster species
C)If enclosed in a hand, will bite or nip in attempt to escape

A)Grow to be on average 4.5 cm long—roughly the length of an adult human thumb
B)They are noctural.

A)Reach sexual maturity as early as 5 weeks
B)usually do not breed until they are older
C)Females should not mate until they are closer to 4 months old, though males can breed at 3 months
D)gestation period of Roborovski hamsters is usually 20-22 days, but can be up to 30 according to some sources
E) Litters are usually small, being typically of 4-6 pups, though larger litters have been reported. Pups can be weaned at 21 days; this is also a good age at which to separate male pups from females

A)Telling female and male Roborovskis apart is not easy
B)The two sexes have different openings: female openings are very close together and may even look like just one opening, while male openings are further apart. Males usually have a visible scent gland near the navel, above the two openings - this looks like a yellowish stain
C)Failure to separate Roborovskis is likely to lead to pregnancy at about five weeks